Natures Skin Care for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dry Vs Dehydrated Skin

Is your skin dry or dehydrated ?

Often these are though to be the same thing however both have different characteristic and have different needs. Both can feel flaky, Itchy, sensitive or tight with a dull appearance.


Dry skin

  • Lacks sebum (oil)
  • Is a natural condition from birth, can worsen and be more noticeable as we age.
  • Skin feels dry all over, including hands and scalp
  • Is more likely to show early signs of ageing
  • Constantly feels like it needs moisturiser, increasing in winter
  • Needs oil rich products

Dehydrated skin

  • Lacks water
  • Can be experienced by anyone, at any age
  • Can also be oily at the same time - often dehydrated skin will produce more oil to over compensate for the lack of water
  • Skin may have breakouts or comedones (block pores/blackheads)
  • Influences by other factors, diet, lifestyle, incorrect products
  • Needs water rich, hydrating products

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